On this page, you will see stories from students of all ages (we’ve had students from 17 to their 60s), all professions (we’ve had students from 100+ different jobs, industries, professions), all family shapes and sizes (single, married, with kids, no kids, divorced etc)...

You will see stories of people who had the exact same fears as you (“Is it too expensive?” “Will it be too hard or complicated for me?” “Can I just learn this online for free myself?” “Will it actually be worthwhile?”) ...and looking back, they are so glad they trusted themselves enough to take the leap of faith and invest in their financial education.

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Sara had living pay-to-pay with less than $1K in savings. Within 18 months, she grew her total assets to $50K. She now enjoys saving and investing her money.

" ...the course helped me to change my life...it was life-changing for me. The way I felt about finance before...I avoided it...I was scared of it...Now I feel very confident. It doesn't scare me. Now I've got the control, before they used to control me."

Henry had just gotten his first job and no idea how to manage his money. Within 15 months of the course, he saved over $34,000 and bought a brand new car. 

"I feel a lot more secure about my financial future. Two years ago? Psht. I did not have a clue what I was doing. Now it's like...the pathway is laid out. And it's really liberating. I would really recommend it to anyone. Can't go wrong."

Bianca had $10K debt and $1K savings. In under 3 years since the course, she got debt free, stopped living pay-to-pay, built her savings, and bought a property.

"I felt I was genuinely learning things I could apply to my life...The course distilled it down in a way that made it easy to understand...It (the course) truly was the turning point for me, so I would highly recommend it for anyone."

Sandy had a property, but still felt lost with finances. Now, she's invested tens of thousands and is excited about financial independence.

"...this course has literally changed my life...We started investing regularly which we never would have had the confidence to do...The way I feel about my financial future now...is I'm so excited!...I no longer see finance as something scary."

Mark was in his 40s with no savings and clueless about money. Within 2.5 years of the course, he'd saved tens of thousands and started investing.

"The biggest thing I got from the course is not to be daunted by money. It's all pretty simple and logical if you just listen to someone who knows a bit more about it than you...Money is not a stressful thing for me anymore." 

Candela could never seem to save more than $2k. Within 13 months of the course, she saved $20K and started conversations to buy a property.

"...now I'm talking about buying a house which I never thought was possible. So, I feel a lot more hopeful than I did 13 months ago, and definitely more empowered...The best thing you can ever do is invest in yourself."

Elena was living paycheck to paycheck. She saved $8K in 8 months to fund her dream trip to Europe. Today, money no longer a stress in her life.

"It wasn't until I finished the course that I started having more control of my finances. I felt empowered, I am in control of the money, and not waiting paycheck to paycheck...That has taken a lot of stress out of my life."

Natalia was earning well but didn't know how to manage her money. She's now debt-free, and has saved and invested tens of thousands of dollars.

"I thought it (investing) was out of reach for me...but doing the course really made it seem more accessible...My only hesitation was the cost (of the course), but honestly it's probably one of the best uses of money I've ever spent."

Sammy felt completely inexperienced and overwhelmed by her finances. Within 9 months of doing the course, she paid off $50K debt, started saving and investing.

"I remember looking at the course going, wow, that's a lot of money to outlay for something that I'm not so sure I'll get the return for. All I can say is that I've never looked back…it's created a future for ourselves that we never thought was possible."

Anastasia went from feeling like she couldn't keep things going, to saving thousands, feeling confident and excited about her financial future within 8 months.

"I had no idea that it would impact so many other areas of my life I thought this was just a money course but it's made such a huge difference...I have to pinch myself to go 'is this real?' it’s just been amazing...I'm really glad I took a leap of faith."

Sai grew his savings from $4K to $22K in just 11 months and started investing. This was a big help when he lost his job 4 months after the program! 

"Before...I was spending money a lot...I invested in things where I didn't know anything, I lost money...This course taught me how to save in the right way...Earlier I had no confidence, now I have confidence...I have a very good plan now..."

Nitika started from scratch as a migrant in a new country. She saved $15K and fast-tracked her first property purchase within 6 months of the course.

"...it’s very hard to ask someone how did you grow your wealth…I used to feel I don’t know the way, I don’t know how to do it, so now...I feel very comfortable and on hold of my situation...The value out of the course was really exponential."

Pratik had no structure in place to manage his finances and was scared of investing. In 2 months, he was saving $2-3K per month, and had $10K invested.

"The course actually really allowed me to be more confident in investing, saving and applying for the right insurance policies... just reading these things online can become a bit daunting...the course gives you structure to understand these concepts well."

Anna was unable to work due to a chronic illness. In less than 11 months, she was saving more (despite a limited income) and no longer felt anxious about her finances.

"I feel the whole subject has just being demystified, and it's something that is now fun...I just feel so much more confident and I don't have that level of anxiety around personal finances anymore... I would highly encourage people, if they can, to really go for it."

Emily saved $14K in 9 months, which is the most she had ever saved in her life. Now, she feels confident in saving, budgeting and managing her finances. 

"My overall experience [of the course] was great...Before I had no idea...Now I'm very confident...It's a great introduction to finance...it really does breakdown everything for you and gives you the steps you need to take."

Yvette, a mum of 2 young kids on a single income, got debt-free, stopped living pay-to-pay, and started investing within 4 months of the course.

"...especially being on a single income, it has really made a big difference for us...it’s definitely improved our situation, not just as an individual or a couple but also...our family has become a bit of a better unit...I wish I was 10 years younger when I did this course."

Kerryn was in her 50s. Within 16 months of the course, she got debt-free, saved tens of thousands, and felt secure about her retirement for the first time.

"I'm really glad that I did it because I am a lot more financially confident now, and I'm more secure and...a lot more optimistic about my financial future...I never would have imagined two years ago, if you'd have said to me two years ago, this is where you'll be..."