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Here, you’ll see stories from students of all ages (from highschool students to retirees), all professions (white-collar and blue-collar workers, teachers, retail workers, healthcare workers, self-employed etc), all family stages (single, married, with kids, no kids, divorced etc)…

You’ll see stories of people who had the same fears as you (‘Is it too expensive?’ ‘Will it be too complicated for me?’ ‘Can I just learn this online for free?’ ‘Will it actually be worthwhile?’) …

And now, they are so glad they decided to invest in improving their own financial capability.

Sara had living pay-to-pay with less than $1K in savings. Within 18 months, she grew her total assets to $50K. She now enjoys saving and investing her money.

…the course helped me to change my life…it was life-changing for me. The way I felt about finance before…I avoided it…I was scared of it…Now I feel very confident. It doesn’t scare me. Now I’ve got the control, before they used to control me.”

Henry had just gotten his first job and no idea how to manage his money. Within 15 months of the course, he saved over $34,000 and bought a brand new car.

I feel a lot more secure about my financial future. Two years ago? Psht. I did not have a clue what I was doing. Now it’s like…the pathway is laid out. And it’s really liberating. I would really recommend it to anyone. Can’t go wrong.”

Bianca had $10K debt lived pay-to-pay. In under 3 years since the course, she got debt free, stopped living pay-to-pay, and saved tens of thousands for a property.

I felt I was genuinely learning things I could apply to my life…The course distilled it down in a way that made it easy to understand…It (the course) truly was the turning point for me, so I would highly recommend it for anyone.”

Sandy had a property, but still felt lost with finances. Now, she’s invested tens of thousands and is excited about financial independence.

“…this course has literally changed my life…We started investing regularly which we never would have had the confidence to do…The way I feel about my financial future now…is I’m so excited!…I no longer see finance as something scary.”

Jacquie felt like finance was a different language she couldn’t seem to understand no matter how hard she tried. Within 8 months, Jacquie achieved her big goal of buying her first property.

“I had never developed the financial literacy most people around me seem to have. I have bought money books…but what I needed was a bit of practical advice. (The course) was step-by-step…it was touching on the basics I needed…it’s an excellent course.”

Mark was in his 40s with no savings and clueless about money. Within 2.5 years of the course, he’d saved tens of thousands and started investing.

“The biggest thing I got from the course is not to be daunted by money. It’s all pretty simple and logical if you just listen to someone who knows a bit more about it than you…Money is not a stressful thing for me anymore.” 

Sai grew his savings from $4K to $22K in just 11 months and started investing. This was a big help when he lost his job 4 months after the program!

“Before…I was spending money a lot…I invested in things where I didn’t know anything, I lost money…This course taught me how to save in the right way…Earlier I had no confidence, now I have confidence, I have a very good plan”

Candela could never seem to save more than $2k. Within 13 months of the course, she saved $20K and started conversations to buy a property.

“…now I’m talking about buying a house which I never thought was possible. So, I feel a lot more hopeful than I did 13 months ago, and definitely more empowered…The best thing you can ever do is invest in yourself.”

Elena was living paycheck to paycheck. She saved $8K in 8 months to fund her dream trip to Europe. Today, money no longer a stress in her life.

“It wasn’t until I finished the course that I started having more control of my finances. I felt empowered, I am in control of the money, and not waiting paycheck to paycheck…That has taken a lot of stress out of my life.”

Emily saved $14K in 9 months, which is the most she had ever saved in her life. Now, she feels confident in saving, budgeting and managing her finances.

“My overall experience [of the course] was great…Before I had no idea…Now I’m very confident…It’s a great introduction to finance…it really does breakdown everything for you and gives you the steps you need to take.”

Natalia was earning well but didn’t know how to manage her money. She’s now debt-free, and has saved and invested tens of thousands of dollars.

“I thought it (investing) was out of reach for me…but doing the course really made it seem more accessible…My only hesitation was the cost (of the course), but honestly it’s probably one of the best uses of money I’ve ever spent.”

Nitika started from scratch as a migrant in a new country. She saved $15K and fast-tracked her first property purchase within 6 months of the course.

“…it’s very hard to ask someone how did you grow your wealth…I used to feel I don’t know the way, I don’t know how to do it, so now…I feel very comfortable and on hold of my situation…The value out of the course was really exponential.”

Yvette, a mum of 2 young kids on a single income, got debt-free, stopped living pay-to-pay, and started investing within 4 months of the course.

“…being on a single income, it has made a big difference for us…it’s definitely improved our situation, not just as an individual or a couple but our family has become a bit of a better unit…I wish I was 10 years younger when I did this.”

Sammy felt completely overwhelmed by her finances. Within 9 months of doing the course, she paid off $50K debt, started saving and investing.

“I remember looking at the course going, wow, that’s a lot of money to outlay for something that I’m not so sure I’ll get the return for. All I can say is that I’ve never looked back…it’s created a future for ourselves that we never thought was possible.”

Pratik had no structure in place to manage his finances and was scared of investing. In 2 months, he was saving $2-3K per month, and had $10K invested.

“The course actually really allowed me to be more confident in investing, saving and applying for the right insurance policies… just reading these things online can become a bit daunting…the course gives you structure to understand these concepts well.”

Kerryn was in her 50s. Within 16 months of the course, she got debt-free, saved tens of thousands, and felt secure about her retirement for the first time.

“I’m really glad that I did it because I am a lot more financially confident now, and I’m more secure and…a lot more optimistic about my financial future…I never would have imagined two years ago, if you’d have said to me two years ago, this is where you’ll be…”

Anastasia went from feeling like she couldn’t keep things going, to saving thousands, feeling confident and excited about her financial future within 8 months.

“I had no idea it would impact so many other areas of my life I thought this was just a money course but it’s made such a huge difference…I have to pinch myself to go ‘is this real?’ it’s just been amazing…I’m really glad I took a leap of faith.”

Salvador wanted to feel more confident and organised with his finances. Within 8 months, Salvador paid off his last credit card, strengthened his savings, sorted his insurances and more.

“The way I feel about money now is I feel that I have a lot more control…As for my financial future, I think it’s looking brighter because the systems are in place… I’m pretty happy I did the course. I would recommend it to everybody.”

Kirstin had become a single mum to two young kids. She felt totally overwhelmed by her finances. Within 6 months, Kirstin felt in control of her budget and financially confident for the first time.

“Before I did this course…I had no idea about money… I loved the course. I absolutely found it empowering…It’s a life changing experience…I feel 100 times better about my financial situation now than I did six months ago.”

Anna was unable to work due to a chronic illness. In less than 11 months, she was saving more (despite a limited income) and no longer felt anxious about her finances.

“I feel the whole subject has just being demystified, and it’s something that is now fun…I just feel so much more confident and I don’t have that level of anxiety around personal finances anymore… I would highly encourage people, if they can, to really go for it.”

Veevek had read up on finance for years but wanted more confidence and clarity. Mastering Money filled in the gaps in his knowledge and pushed him to take action.

“What I got from doing the course was more certainty and self-confidence…. I now have the vocabulary and the confidence to go to financial advisors and have a two way conversation with them…it’s really one of the biggest bang-for-buck things I’ve spent money on…”

Shrishti felt intimidated by her finances and didn’t know where to start. Within 10 months, she started saving more, overcame her fear and anxiety around money, and even started investing.

“I remember I was asking myself, is this like a scam or something? …Obviously, it wasn’t anything like that. My experience of the course was really eye opening…I’ve become more confident in approaching saving or approaching investing in a bit of a coherent kind of way”

Megan wanted to feel more confident with her finances. Mastering Money helped Megan strengthen her budgeting and savings systems, and become more confident with topics like investing.

“The part I really enjoyed about the program was it started from the very basics and it went into a lot more depth depending on what aspect you wanted to look into… I looked at things that I hadn’t looked at for a while…I’m really happy that I decided to do it.”

Jacquie was approaching 50 after a divorce, with $10K debt and under $1K savings. She had no idea how to manage her finances. Within 10 months, Jacquie was debt-free and saved another $10K.

“It has given me a feeling of independence and freedom that I’ve never felt before. I feel so confident that I no longer have to rely on anybody else to support me financially. I can do it myself and I’ve proven that. And I’m excited about the future.”

Joel was scared of investing and had a “love-hate” relationship with money. Within 6 months, Joel saved an extra $5K and built a $5K investment portfolio. He also felt less stressed about money.

“I’ve been a lot more confident. I’ve had less anxiety and stress when it comes to my relationship with money, and I feel a lot more confident about the future…Doing this course will give you that confidence to say… I’m prepared for anything that comes my way”

Amanda was in her mid-20s. After years of procrastinating on her finances, Mastering Money gave her the clarity and steps she needed to take action and manage her money with confidence.

“It’s the best few hundreds of dollars I’ve spent in a long time…the biggest thing that has changed is my confidence…I don’t think I would have ever imagined that I would really feel confident about money…it’s life changing.”

Karen was in her 50s and already actively managing her finances, but Mastering Money gave Karen more clarity and confidence around her financial plan and new investment options.

“I’ve been waiting for you for 30 long years! (After the course) I’ve got more confidence in looking at certain investment markets…When I read about your course, I thought, ‘Is this worth it?’…then I realized you’re never too old to learn.”

Bryton struggled to save and lacked confidence with his money. Within just a few months of Mastering Money, Bryton saved $5000, started investing and finally felt less stressed about money.

“Before I did the course, I had a challenging relationship when it came to money…(the course) convey what to me was such a complex area in such an easy, digestible manner…They made it really easy to understand…it teaches everything you need to know…things I wish I knew a long time ago.”

Monai was a migrant in a new country. Mastering Money gave Monai the confidence to improve her savings, research financial products and develop a long-term plan for her finances.

“I will say the course is very helpful for me…Since doing the course, I have found that I am more confident about researching financial products…The biggest change for me is I can see the long term goal more clearly, like I know on what are the goals that I should set.”

Adele was in her 40s and still felt overwhelmed, confused, and anxious about her finances. Mastering Money gave her confidence, clarity and opened her up to new possibilities like investing.

“The biggest thing that I’ve gotten since doing the course is well, the confidence to look at my financial situation and knowing that I’ve got…the information that I need to take those next steps. It’s a great education…I should have been learning this like 20 years ago.”

Chris felt intimidated by finance and felt like it was inaccessible. Mastering Money helped Chris feel more confident and comfortable engaging with his finances.

“Before I did the course, I had a challenging relationship when it came to money…(the course) convey what to me was such a complex area in such an easy, digestible manner…They made it really easy to understand…it teaches everything you need to know…things I wish I knew a long time ago.”

Gilda was a stay-at-home-mum in a single-income household. Mastering Money opened Gilda up to financial opportunities she previously didn’t feel confident with (like investing).

“We had previously sought advice from a financial planner…the cost that is offered through SkilledSmart is so much cheaper…The biggest thing that I really appreciated was…instead of it just being…very theoretical, it was very practical. I’ve already encouraged a number of people to get on board with SkilledSmart.”

Jacqueline had never managed her own money and also was unable to work, so she doubted it was possible to improve her situation. Mastering Money enabled her to save money (despite low earnings), start investing and build confidence.

“I’m in my 30s and didn’t have a single cent to my name. The course was fantastic!…really broke everything down for me and helped me understand how money works, which I had no knowledge of…. My financial situation now is so much more stable….The course changed my life. It really did.”

Conchita lacked clarity and confidence in how she should be managing her money. Mastering Money helped her develop a healthier relationship with money and opened her up to investing.

“I have a healthier relationship with money now…I am able to enter into more decisions…whereas before it was like, I don’t really know what to do… there’s more confidence… I don’t think it’s something as intimidating as it used to be.”

Jacob was already pretty confident with his finances, but wanted to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. Mastering Money gave him an extra level of confidence and helped him increase his net worth.

“Since doing the course…I’ve significantly increased my net worth…I became more confident in taking the action. It was very much just pushing me that extra mile to make sure that what I was doing day to day was considering the bigger picture…Start now….So that way it pays off in the long run”.

This course is one of the best things I've invested in. The information provided is current and relevant to the times we are living in and easy to put in practice. Each class is dedicated to one subject in particular, so you really get to explore the topic and understand it.

Elena learned ways to save money with SkilledSmart

— Elena S.

This course changed my life in so many ways, even if you are on a pension you can save money and it’s a lot easier than you think

Jacqueline learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Jacqueline S.

Mastering Money Course is well worth the investment! Before the course I didn't really know how to manage my money and I lacked clarity and confidence with my finances. I've learned so much - not just about budgeting , saving and managing my money but most importantly I started to change my mindset around money which has allowed me to create new healthy habits. It's been a very empowering experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone!

Adele learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Adele F.

SkilledSmart's Mastering Money is a well designed and run course. I'm glad to have completed the course as I gained valuable knowledge into basic personal financial topics. I understood the importance of aspects such as financial goal setting, saving, insurance and investing. The course content was practical, simple to understand and engaging.

Pratik learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Pratik G.

Fantastic course – I highly, highly recommend it. It's taught me the basics of finances – things which I thought I knew, but in fact were misconceptions or misinformations garnered from the media, friends and family and bits and pieces I picked up along the way… it’s seriously changed the way I view my financial situation. Being on the lower end of the average Australian household salary and with a decent amount of debt, I thought my options were very, very limited. Turns out there are things I can do right now to reach the goals important to me and my family, and it’s not going to take forever either! Smart and informed financial decisions to reap huge financial gains.

— Evelyn W.

I can’t recommend skilled smart enough. Going into this course I struggled to handle my finances, didn’t really have an understanding of them and where they were going but since this course I have a much better understanding now and know exactly where all my money goes which in turn I have more savings now. Without skilled smart I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Can’t thank them enough!!!

— Corey H.

Mastering Money course is a good foundation towards becoming debt- free, building up an emergency fund, automate saving and budgeting and tracking. In short, it is a course which teaches to be smart with your hard earned money, shake your current beliefs and provides you with the knowledge to know the implications of your decisions in short and long term. Paridhi and the educators are very friendly and go the extra mile to resolve queries. It is definitely a good investment for your wealth creation. Once you know the basics, you can work towards wealth creation and leading a financially independent life.

Nitika learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Nitika S.

I thought I was pretty good with money already having been a uni student for so long & having to be careful with the little money I did have. It turns out I was, but also that there's more to being financially fit than being frugal with the money you do have & saving. I learnt it's also about putting what you have back to work, & also to think about what future-me would want me to do now

— Trini R.

A couple of years after finishing university, I came into the Mastering Money course with a lot of questions. I wanted to make more educated choices when it came to my savings and superannuation. I also wanted to start investing my money, but I wasn't sure how to. This course gave me all the tools I needed to set up a stronger financial future. I learned some great tips and tricks for getting tax deductions, how to pick the right super fund for me and the basics of investing. I've actually applied a lot of what I learned in the course since completing it. I totally recommend this course to everyone - but especially to young people taking their first steps into full-time work. It doesn't just give you information - it gives you the confidence to make educated choices about your finances. The team is so supportive and always open to questions - so ask plenty!

Amanda learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Amanada L.

A very practical & useful class that teaches important financial skills that all Australians should consider learning about.

Rebecca learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Rebecca P.

I really enjoyed doing the course with SkilledSmart. I have been able to implement a savings system to help boost my savings every month which has helped me get more disciplined about my money. The course helped me move closer to my financial goals. In 2019 I was able to exceed my savings target while implementing a plan for 2020, leaving me excited for what the New Year will bring. A big thanks to Paridhi and the team at Skilled Smart.

— Guye L.

This course was amazing! All the things that everyone should know about money were taught here - investing, super, taxes and more. I have no commerce or finance background and basically knew nothing and thing were explained so well that even I could understand. There was no "selling" of financial planning, just really good knowledge and education. It was also very practical - we had to apply things that we were taught to our own situations. A very motivating and enlightening course - well worth the money and the time. Very Highly recommended!!!

— Sandhya K.

Awesome course! Absolutely worth the money and really opens your eyes to the important information everyone needs to know. A must have course to get your finance journey started!

— Andy L.

This is a fantastic course on finance fundamentals. For someone who is relatively financially responsible and aware, I learnt many concepts which I didn't know much about including insurance. The course is great for anyone looking to understand the basics of finance without all the technical jargon. It's simple, concise and teaches you what you need to know. It's well worth the investment in your financial future!

— Preetha V.

I am in my early 60’s with no set date or age in mind for retirement. I still greatly enjoy working and have been mindful to do many of the things I have wanted to do while fit and healthy. However I wanted to ensure I was maximising savings and asset building while still working so I am in a financial position to move comfortably into retirement when I make this decision. The SkilledSmart course pointed me to a number of tools I have used successfully to create a budget, track spending and move money across bank accounts created for specific purposes. I am now making using of salary packaging to maximise superannuation accumulation. I also learned about superannuation contribution rules and did some further research. After finishing the course I had developed some retirement financial goals and a clear achievable plan to reach them. I made use of a free consultation with a financial planner from my Super fund and at the end of it discovered that the plan I had developed covered much of what they would normally have put together for me at a cost of several thousand dollars. I recommend this course as highly practical, easy to understand and put into action. I now feel empowered in managing my finances.

— Gayle B.

Everyone should do this course! It started with the basics of personal finance and covered the systems we are all involved in yet often don't understand - tax, saving, superannuation and investing. Understanding these subjects has made me more confident in the financial choices I make and I've gone from terrified of investing to actually doing it. One of the best aspects of this course is that there's no 'selling' of products or services; it's just wonderfully simple information for life changing benefits.

— Tui P.

I'm a twice divorced woman in my 50's and I 'was' one in the number of woman in Australia who make up the fastest growing demographic for homelessness. I cannot speak highly enough of the experience I had when I did the Mastering Money Course a couple of years ago. It was a feature on the news and Paridhi (founder) was being interviewed to put a spotlight on the lack of financial education that was out there for adults. I was instantly interested as I personally was in a dire position financially and didn't even know which way to turn or who to go to for help. I certainly couldn't afford a Financial Advisor and besides, I thought Financial Advisors only worked with people who had money! I didn't fall into that category... haha. The Mastering Money course, gave me the tools and confidence to face my financial reality and to commit to getting myself to a position where I controlled my finances and they didn’t control me. It helped me pave the road to my financial independence and to know with 100% confidence that I would never need to rely on anyone else for my financial freedom. There was still a lot of material covered in the course which wasn’t relative to me due to my age. I was however, able to ‘cherry pick’ the subjects that could work in my favour and it was enough to help me get out of the very deep hole I found myself in. So, this course is suitable for any age. Fast forward about 2 years since doing the course. Using the tools and lessons from the course I was able to get out of debt within 12 months. I’m gonna be real, I’m not living in a mansion and I’m not ready to retire just yet but I am comfortable financially. I have a healthy amount in savings, my Super nest egg is growing very nicely, I have insurance in the event I lose my job, am injured or if I die. I have been able to save and pay cash for much needed improvements to my parent’s house where I am still living. I am now committed to taking care of my Mum since losing my darling Dad last year. I’m no longer scared to look at my bank accounts, in fact, I look at them every day. I am obsessed with my credit score and am constantly trying to find ways to keep it getting higher (higher is a good thing!). I finally have a plan for my long term future which actually does include me retiring at a healthy age, with money to live on and still have a roof over my head that I don’t owe anyone for. To all the 50+ people out there who don’t see any way out of financial burden and like I was, they don’t think they will ever be able to afford to retire, PLEASE do the course….it could change your life…it changed mine!

— Jacqueline G.

I did the course to better understand and manage my finances as I moved into retirement. Prior to doing the course, I had never really taken much of a look into my personal finances. The course was a great introduction to personal finance. It helped me take a proper look at my expenses, and through the process I found savings of over $800 per fortnight. I was also able to pay off almost all my debts within 18 months. Even though my income has halved since retiring as I am now on the pension, with the savings opportunities I have been able to find and implement, my net income is almost the same as when I was working. I feel far more comfortable and confident with my finances now, than I did before, and the course has certainly helped me better prepare for my retirement years.

— Rick M.

Mastering Money is a practical, informative, well structured course tailored for those ready to embark on their journey of financial education. The course introduces key concepts on how to make money work for you through basic financial management topics and strategies. Upon completion of the course I found the confidence to begin mapping out my financial future. I thoroughly recommend the Mastering Money course to those who are interested in making positive financial decisions for their future but don't know where to start.

— Ben M.

Before taking this course I thought I understood money and how to use my income. This opened my eyes to so many aspects that I was unaware of and has allowed me to make changes to my budgeting and views on money that benefit me and my family.

— Kristy P.

Doing the SkilledSmart course was one of the best things I've ever done as an adult. Learning how to manage my finances has empowered me and transformed my life more than I ever thought it would. They delivered all the course information in a really accessible way and made everything practical. This course literally walked me through EXACTLY how to manage my finances, from writing a budget, setting up new bank accounts to understanding the basics of stock investment. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone!

Natalia learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Natalia K.

Loved this course! Learned to analyse my finances from a totally different perspective and helped me determine my next steps to achieving my financial goals. Highly recommend!

— Gilda H.

Mastering Money teaches you all the money skills that you wished you had learnt in school. It breaks down everything from investing, insurances, budgeting, saving and money allocation in an easy to understand manner. The course material is well presented and you’re always encouraged to ask questions - there are no stupid questions! For most of my adult life I had issues around money. I was terrible at saving and no idea about how to budget and invest. I now have a great understanding of the fundamentals of money and I went from being stressed about money to being actively interested in investing and finance. It also makes me happy that I now have the skills to teach my kids these lessons so they don’t have the same issues with money as I grew up with. This course has had such a positive influence on my life and encourage anyone that is considering it to have a go.

Mark learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Mark J.

This course is a great balance of practical money tips as well as future proofing! Would highly recommend it! Well worth the money and time investment.

— Naomi T.

I set myself a goal to put a deposit on my first property by the end of 2020. I did the Mastering Money course in early 2020 and the course taught me how to refine this goal, and put specific actions in place so I could realistically achieve it. As a result, I put a deposit on a little flat by September of that year. I had very little financial literacy skills and there were so many significant gaps in my knowledge about how to manage my money, and it was embarrassing to ask people, especially when I didn't understand their answers. I learned so much doing the MM course. Lots of knowledge, and lots of practical, actionable habits that have significantly changed my situation. I'm also now better prepared for conversations with financial advisors and others, because I have a basis of understanding what they are talking about.

Jacqui learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Jacqui R.

I loved that the course broke things down in a way that was easy to understand and apply to my life. It was very practical, and step-by-step. The Mastering Money course changed the way I think about money completely. I've completely turned around my relationship with money!

Bianca learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Bianca C.

The Mastering Money couse is fantasic for anyone who is wishing to get on top of their finances and develop their financial literacy. It is a well designed coure and benefits newbies and anyone who has already started their money journey, as it allows you to re-evaluate your financial situation. It gave me a good understanding of investing and how it works and I learnt that I am not quite ready for investing yet! I enjoyed the weekly lessons and homework as it kept me accountable and on track. The mastering money course is definitely worth the investmern!

— Emily J.

An excellent course and for me it was an eye opener. Very practical tips and informative. It helped me prepare for the future and definitely review my spending habits and my relationship with my finances. Great course and thanks to the amazing team.

— Annie K.

I commenced the SkilledSmart Mastering Money course to increase and locate any gaps in my knowledge about money. The course assisted me by making me more aware of my financial position, as well as providing me with valuable information regrading money & finance that I hadn't considered before. In particular Paridhi is there to assist if you'd like more information about any of the topics.


— Megan T.

BRILLIANT! This program had set us up for life! No matter your financial situation. Regardless of your skill level. If you’re looking to have more control over your financial future, Paridhi and her team can help!

Samantha learned ways to save money with SkilledSmart and the Mastering Money program

— Samantha T.

This is the best life course I have done. I did not have any financial education. Would definitely recommend this course. Learnt a lot from it, it gives a decent foundation of financial knowledge.

— SD

Great and fun course to learn the basics on money and finances. The team made complicated finance concepts easily understandable. They're happy to answer all the questions, making sure you understand the different concepts and subjects. Really recommended for anyone who wants to start getting their finances together.

Sara O. learned ways to save money with SkilledSmart and the Mastering Money program

— Sara O.

SkilledSmart provides an excellent foundation course for anyone who considers themselves novices in managing their personal finance. I have a better understanding of how to be more smarter with budgeting and savings, more proactive with my retirement planning and investments.

— Megha A.

As someone who knew very little about finances I knew I had to face up to my knowledge gaps and make a change but I didn't know where to start. This course has helped me understand things I never even imagined I could get my head around and has given me a great foundation on which to build on in future. I feel so empowered knowing I have taken steps in the right direction and have felt incredibly supported throughout the process. There is still a lot to learn but I feel I have progressed immensely and no longer feel fear and guilt around my personal finances. If you're wondering if it's worth the investment, it totally is! Don't put it off any longer - you will thank yourself!

— Candela A.

The course was great, they created an environment where you feel free and not embarrassed to ask any “silly” financial questions you may have. It’s well structured and the activities are remarkably insightful and helpful.

— Salvador G.

I have certainly gained a better understanding of "money managing" and all the components that come along with it. The course covers literally all the important things you need to know. I now feel a lot more confident/smarter with managing my money!

Phoebe learned ways to save money with SkilledSmart and the Mastering Money program

— Phoebe T.

This was one of the best decision I took in 2019 as an adult. In addition to actionable insights, the program gave me tools and recommendations to go further in order to become proactive and more responsible with my finances in an easy way. Loved it! And looking forward to more programs from SkilledSmart team 🙂

— Typhaine M.

A must-do for everyone in any walks of life. The course is interactive and you get tremendous support throughout the course and after cause lets be honest you cant 'set and forget' when it comes to money, plans change along with life circumstances and Skilled Smart helps you understand the basics to get you started. You get out what you put into it and if you value your personal development you will definitely value this program 🙂

Joel learned ways to save money with SkilledSmart and the Mastering Money program, and was even featured in the media!

— Joel C.

Great course. This course will give you a good foundation to wealth management. I was able to take confident financial decisions/investment decisions after attending the course. The course instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all the questions. Information about shares, tax and superannuation was very beneficial. The course will give you the financial clarity that you need! I 100% recommend the course.

— Devisri D.

Best course understand the financial best practice to practice in life

— Sai N.

Excelled course. Something I have wanted all my life! SkilledSmart applies to all - young and starting out through to middle age and finally retirement people. The course covers a range of financial topics, is well structured, interactive with opportunities for feed back. Being a senior I was not sure the course would be overly applicable to me. But it was! It reinforced and gave me confidence that my past financial habits were heading in the right direction. The course also provided information on financial products I was hesitant in investing in. I am now actively pursuing these investments. I do feel much more confident in growing my wealth into old age!

Karen learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Karen B.

Prior to the course I didn't know too much about finance, now my knowledge & mindset has completely changed. If you're thinking of doing this course, don't hesitate and just book.

— Stephanie G.

Eye opening! I took on this course to educate myself and to set good foundations for my financial future. The course gave excellent real life content and materials to get me where I felt like I knew enough to take control of my own finances. It was extremely beneficial and I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is unsure about their financial situations. Great work, everyone at SkilledSmart - Thank you so much!!

— Henry S.

I loved this course! The content was really informative and the trainers were so lovely and helpful. I'm actually enjoying putting into place everything i have learnt. Thanks so much girls!

— Nicole B.

Its Mastering Money course is a very well-designed personal finance management, suitable for all groups of people - people who are completely new to personal finance, people who moved from overseas, and people who get stuck with the same financial problems. The course materials is very easy to read and understand for all groups of people, and also recommend some useful tools that would help you manage your finance easier. It simplifies financial terminologies to be easier to understand, including for people with English as a second language background. As a person who grew up outside of Australia with some knowledge about personal finance and investment, this course helps me understand how Australian personal financial system and product works and saved me lot of time to understand these system and know the keywords or topics I can use to research further on my own. Highly recommended.

Monai learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Monai T.

A really grounding experience. The course was fascinating and the teachers' drive and passion made it all a hugely rewarding experience. Highly recommend.

Chris learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Chris S.

I cannot thank SkilledSmart for putting together such a practical and insightful course into finance. Everything you learn here you can use in real life and they have a created a safe space to talk about finance! The content is relevant and practical and after each class, you start to feel more comfortable about how to manage your finances. I only wish I had done this when I was 17! Definitely recommend it to people of all ages.

Conchita learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Conchita D.

I was recommended signing up for this course, at first I had my doubts, but it was definitely worthwhile. It has definitely opened up my eyes to being smarter and the long term goals possible by simply reading and expanding your horizons. Thank you

Moshe learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Moshe B.

It took me quite a while to actually decide to enroll in this course. My initial concern was that it may not be a 'legitimate' course (some promise the world and deliver nothing). My other cause for hesitation was that it may be too simplistic for me. I already have some background in financial education. Having completed the course, I absolutely recommend it! I gained valuable, in-depth insight into Super and insurance and developing the right mindset in relation to money and how it is made, invested and spent was an empowering experience.Well done, SkilledSmart!

Anastasia learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Anastasia T.

As a 21 year old doing the course, I went into it thinking that maybe I was too young to take part in the material that was going to be discussed. However, I think the course was excellent in catering to all age groups and it really showed me how it is possible to save no matter your income, how investing works, superannuation and overall, how to be smart with your money to ensure success later down the track. 10/10 would highly recommend!

Jenna learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Jenna M.

Mastering Money Course is the course I wish I was taught back in high school and university. All young adults need to be taught vital financial skills and literacy and what I particularly loved about the Mastering Money Course is that it broke down everything from values, beliefs, saving habits, insurances, superannuation, investments, etc. into easy to digest information. A big thank you for making my financial education a positive and rewarding experience.

Bryton learned ways to save money with the Mastering Money program

— Bryton A.

This course hit a reset button on how I think about money management. I would highly recommend it. It’s never too late to learn about investments, savings and all things money related. Well worth it.

— Grainne N.

I cannot begin to explain how this money course has changed things for my family and myself. I did the course so I could teach my children about finance, but in the process it has changed our whole life. For the first time, we are having open and healthy discussions about money, we've put systems in place to save (and have saved thousands in just a few short months), and finally feel in control. I've been able to pass on these great skills to my children who have started implementing it for themselves and are making better financial choices. It has completely changed the way they think and feel about money. Before money was always a 'worry' in our lives, but now it's something we can talk about, laugh about, and feel good about because we know how to manage it better. This has opened up new possibilities for us, we are working towards and achieving our goals. Before, money seemed daunting and complicated but the course just broke it down into really simple steps that were easy to understand and follow for both me and my children. Doing the course was life changing, and I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you have teenage or adult children who will benefit from this too!

Ciska learned ways to save money with SkilledSmart and the Mastering Money program

— Ciska S.

I think this course is exactly what many people need to get started on managing their finances confidently and effectively. I've taken it twice (a couple of years apart) and still learned new things the second time round.

Veevek learned ways to save money with SkilledSmart and the Mastering Money program

— Veevek D.

Excellent course - have been looking for one like it for so many years! Much more in tune with tracking expenses and setting goals now.

— Karen B.

I would definitely recommend people to join their programs. I did the beginner program and it was such a good example of experience to educate myself about saving, choosing rates for bank accounts, investing in super and through other means. 

— Shrishti S.

An excellent well-rounded course, perfect for anyone who would like to gain some insight into the important foundations of what is necessary for a financial health check and positive life long financial practices. It does not matter what age or stage you are in of your life, Paridhi and the team made all of the content relevant and accessible to all of us. I know it may seem daunting, paying for something you cannot physically ‘see’, but truly, the knowledge you will gain and your savings will be far greater than the initial investment. Skilledsmart is an educational product that teaches the underlying values to assist anyone navigating the financial journey of adulthood.

— Yvette C.

Having recently become a single mum with (2-year-old) twins, and living in a foreign country with no family or support network. For the first time in my life I felt myself spiraling in the wrong direction. I knew I needed to take control, but I didn't know how..... And then I found this course, which was designed to help people like me, help themselves. I absolutely loved every minute, it was empowering, incredibly informative, relevant and easy to follow. And although I will admit I still personally have a long way to go... I'm not stressed out about it anymore because I 'understand' what I need to do now, and I am taking the steps required so that the girls and I can live the life we want to and achieve our future goals. However YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK, but it really is worth it. I learnt so much and I'm so incredibly grateful to Paridhi and her team.

Kirstin learned ways to save money with SkilledSmart and the Mastering Money program

— Kirstin S.

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