The world of money can feel confusing, intimidating and overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. 

MASTERING MONEY is a practical, beginner-friendly program that delivers real results.



We run courses for adults on money, wealth and personal finance. 

Our students love us because we focus on...


Mastering Money does NOT just teach you a bunch of technical definitions. In this course, you’ll be practicing the skills yourself and applying what you learn to your real-life. Be ready to get your hands dirty!


Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of research and consulting with financial professionals has gone into the development of the Mastering Money program. We only teach what works (not a bunch of theory you'll forget tomorrow).

Keeping it simple & fun

We cut through all the complex jargon to get to the stuff that really matters. We simplify the complex and teach you just what you actually need to apply in your day-to-day life. No long and boring lectures here. 

Our students hit massive goals within months...

The real proof is in our students' results


Sai had a good salary but wasn't sure how to manage it. He had $4.5K in savings. Within 4 months of the course, Sai created an emergency fund, found an extra $10K of savings, and even started investing.

"The course taught me how to save, how to structure and streamline my finances, in a way I’d never done before. Having an emergency fund gave me peace of mind when I lost my job. If I had lost my job 6 months ago, I would have been so stressed…But after the changes I made to my finances, I wasn’t that emotional because I feel a lot more financially secure and relaxed. I know my finances are streamlined, I know how to save money."


Despite having a good salary, Bianca had less than $1,000 in savings. Within 2 years of doing the course, she got debt-free, started saving, stopped living paycheck to paycheck and bought her first property.

"I enjoyed how safe I felt [in the course]...I didn't feel intimidated at all, I felt I was genuinely learning things I could apply to my life, that weren't too complicated for me. The course distilled it down in a way that made it easy to understand and apply to your life...[Within 6 months] I managed to get debt-free...It's been about 2 years now and I managed to buy a property! It truly was the turning point for me, so I would highly recommend it for anyone."


At 20, Henry had just started earning and had no idea how to manage his money. Within 15 months of doing the course, he saved over $34,000 and bought a brand new car. He's now a savings-machine! 

"Before I did the course, I don't think I had a relationship with money. I just stumbled my way through it...The course is just presented in a really easy way to understand. So it's been about 15 months since I did the course, and since then I have: moved out of my parents house, completely independent; sorted out all my life insurances, I also bought a brand new car ...and currently I'm sitting at $34,000 (in savings)."


Jacqui was starting over at 50 after a divorce. She had less than $1,000 to her name, and within 9 months she had paid off $10K debt AND saved an additional $10K!

"Financially, I was starting over. I had no real savings, I had debt, and I didn't really understand how to manage money as I previously did not take that role in relationships. Since doing the course, I feel so much more empowered and in control of my finances than I ever have before, and am now working towards bigger goals. I've never appreciated and respected money as much as I do now. Doing this course helped me turn my life around."

How much money are YOU
leaving on the table?

Being financially uneducated is expensive.
How much is it costing you to NOT fix all the 'leaky holes' in your financial bucket?