Fast-forward 6 months. What does your life look like?  

Can you afford that vacation, car, or dream house? Or are you still in debt, struggling to pay bills? That all depends on the decisions you make with your money today. 

MASTERING MONEY is a practical 6-week course with everything you need to start building real financial success and wealth.  

UPCOMING COHORTS: JANUARY: Mondays, 6 Jan - 10 Feb 2020 JANUARY: Thursdays, 9 Jan - 13 Feb 2020 TIME: 6.30PM - 9.00PM (AEST)




What if money could be simple, straightforward, and stress-free? What if you could... 

  • Have the confidence & skills to make smart money decisions and achieve your financial dreams
  • Have systems and strategies to manage your money easily and automatically  
  • Have the tools to save money every single month, working towards your goals
  • Have the peace of mind of understanding how all the puzzle pieces (budgeting, investing, taxes, super etc) fit together 
  • Have the knowledge, tools and confidence to create real wealth through investing
  • ...And know how to avoid expensive investing mistakes 
  • Not be scared of financial jargon because you are armed with enough knowledge to make sense of what’s important  

Sounds good, right? That could be you.  

You don't need a university degree. You don't need to be "good with numbers". You don't need to watch the finance news. Anyone can learn how to build a strong financial foundation for security and success.

"What does the course cover?" This is an end-to-end course that covers all the basics. We'll look at how to:

  • Create a one-page ‘report card’ of your finances to see how you’re tracking and where all your money goes
  • Organise your money in a way that reduces financial anxiety and allows you to spend guilt-free  
  • Create systems that will ensure you are saving and budgeting automatically (say goodbye to spreadsheets!) 
  • Use personal insurances to protect your family and your wealth against financial crisis
  • Identify and tackle outdated and destructive money beliefs, myths and misconceptions that are holding you back
  • Understand the basics of investing, how to get started, and how to avoid costly investing mistakes
  • Understand income tax and options to ensure you’re being ‘tax efficient’ (i.e. not paying more tax than you need to!)
  • Maximise your superannuation by picking the right fund and investment option, and minimising fees
  • Identify red-flags when shopping for products or financial professionals to avoid costly mistakes
  • Use the latest tools, technologies, and resources to make managing money quick and easy  


"But...does it actually work?" Our students hit big goals within months: save thousands, start investing, and more.


$6000 savings in a few months Before the course, Sandy felt overwhelmed and confused by the world of finance. Within 6 months, she'd saved thousands, started investing, fixed her super, and started planning for bigger goals. "I went from clueless about finance, to saving, and investing for my future. Now, I'm confident and in control. This course changed my life."- Sandy, Pharmacist 


$8000 savings in 8 months Elena wanted to get better with her money, but didnt know where to start. Within 8 months of the course, Elena saved $8,000 for a dream trip to Europe. "Now I feel a lot more confident in my ability to keep track of my finances and achieve my goals. I used to think finance was boring...I never imagined I'd be interested in investing and insurance!" - Elena, Office Manager 


Single mum transforms family Within 6 months, Ciska and her young-adult daughters paid down debt, saved thousands, and started bonding over money instead of fighting. "I cannot begin to explain how this money course has changed things for myself and my family. For the first time, we are having healthy discussions about money...and finally feel in control." - Ciska, Credit Manager 

"So, how does it work?" The course is delivered live via our virtual classroom. Join remotely from anywhere! 

  • ACCESS ALL CONTENT ONLINE You'll get access to our online learning platform which contains the course materials (presentation slides, worksheets, templates, additional resources etc).  
  • 1 CLASS + 1 Q&A SESSION PER WEEK, FOR 6 WEEKS You'll attend one class per week for 6 weeks. Each class is 2.5 hours long. You’ll get an additional half-hour Q&A session each week so you can ask for help if you get stuck. 
  • PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES We have embedded practical activities throughout the course to ensure you get real results, not just theory! 
  • LIVE, REAL-TIME CLASSES You'll be learning from a real person, in real-time. Your classes with instructors are not just pre-recorded videos, because we believe interaction and engagement are crucial to the learning journey. You'll be learning directly from your instructor, so you can ask questions along the way.
  • ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE VIA VIRTUAL CLASSROOM Classes are conducted via our virtual classroom. It’s a bit like a Skype call or a webinar, where you can see, hear and talk to all the other participants. You will need a device that has: a speaker, microphone and camera. You will also need internet access.  

"What do I get?" We've packed a tonne of value into this course. Seriously.

  • Structured, results-oriented course curriculum This isn't a course full of fluffy ideas and theory. We have designed a structured curriculum with specific learning objectives for each class, to maximise value by focusing only on what you need to get real results.  
  • 15+ hours instruction from an experienced professional All our instructors have undertaken professional qualifications in finance and have years of experience working in the industry. Normally, experienced professionals can charge $150 - 250 per hour for their time. We're making their time available to you at a tiny fraction of this cost.  
  • Additional Q&A session each week Each week, your instructor will be available for any revision, questions, or homework help during the Q&A session.  
  • Unlimited email support during the program Yes, we're serious about supporting our students. You'll have unlimited email support throughout the 6-week program, so you're never alone!  
  • 300+ pages of easy-to-read course materials You'll get access to a complete set of course materials for all classes, including over 300 pages of presentation materials that you can use to follow-along in class and revise afterwards.  
  • 50+ pages of practical activity worksheets and tools You'll get access to all the practical worksheets and exercises we've designed to help you implement your learnings. These worksheets form your own personal 'money workbook', helping you progress step-by-step and bringing everything into one place.  

Hear it from our alumni...

★★★★★ "Doing [this] course was one of the best things I've ever done as an adult. Learning how to manage my finances has...transformed my life more than I ever thought it would. Our instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, personable and helpful. He delivered all the course information in a really accessible way and made everything practical. This course literally walked me through EXACTLY how to manage my finances, from writing a budget, setting up new bank accounts to understanding the basics of stock investment. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone!" - Natalia, Content Producer 

★★★★★ "This course was just what I needed, pitched just right for me, I felt. This is well put together. comfortably interactive. Money matters are no longer daunting and I have some sound concepts and templates to build on. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to know more about managing their personal finances." - Aparna, Doctor  

★★★★★ "Fantastic course – I highly, highly recommend it. It's taught me the basics of finances – things which I thought I knew, but in fact were misconceptions or misinformations garnered from the media, friends and family and bits and pieces I picked up along the way… it’s seriously changed the way I view my financial situation. I thought my options were very, very limited. Turns out there are things I can do right now to reach the goals important to me and my family, and it’s not going to take forever either! Smart and informed financial decisions to reap huge financial gains." - Evelyn, Social Worker

★★★★★ "I was hesitant to do this course as I felt that you couldn't teach the basics of finance, budgeting and investing in six weeks. Boy was I wrong. You can actually learn A LOT more than that in six weeks. The biggest learning from this course is that money is actually not a difficult thing to handle or understand. The team were amazing at creating an open and safe forum where all of us felt comfortable asking all our questions and working collaboratively together. I would recommend this course to absolutely everybody." - Emma, NFP Fundraising

Many students make back more than the course fee …many times over!

COURSE FEE: $125 per week payment plan (for 6 weeks) (OR pay the full amount of $750 upfront)

The real question is: how much is it costing you to NOT fix your finances? If you invested in making a change, what could your life look like 6 months from today? 



A practical 6-week course with everything you need to start building real financial success and wealth