Are you a kick-ass money guru
who would love to teach?

We are on the lookout for passionate, fun and experienced finance professionals to join our team of instructors.

The Mission

Most Australians are under-educated when it comes to money. It’s hard: professional advice is expensive, and the industry is complicated. We’re a bit like a group fitness class for personal finance. We run educational programs, our students apply and implement the concepts in the classroom — it’s fun, it’s non-confronting, it’s practical, and our students make real progress… together, as a group.

Our Instructors

Our Instructors are more than just finance professionals. They’re great teachers. Here are a few things we look for in our instructors:

  • Confident and engaging presenters

    This is a must. If you have prior experience with speaking, teaching, presenting, and are comfortable at the front of a room full of people, we want to speak to you!

  • Genuine enthusiasm for finance and teaching

    Self-explanatory. We want instructors who really care.

  • Experienced financial professional

    We look for people who are working, or have worked, in the industry, and have first-hand experience with advising clients. We don’t just want someone who can teach the theory, we’re looking for people who can share what they’ve seen actually work (i.e. war stories).

Does that sound like you?

We want to hear from you!
Send us an email at info{at} with your resume & cover letter.
We’ll be in touch by phone and/or email.