We spend our lives working for it.
And we’ll need it till the day we die.

Yet, so few actually understand it.


If you’re like most people, nobody taught you much about money. No one sat you down and actually explained how money works, what you should do with it, and how to win at the ‘money game’.

Of course, the industry doesn’t really make it easy to learn. There are so many products and services, so many different opinions, so many different types of fees and fine print, so many agents, brokers, salesmen trying to sell you something… it’s overwhelming!

So most people end up being pawns in the game of money. We go along, earning our salaries, spending as carefully as we can, but secretly we don’t really know what we’re doing and by this point we’re too embarrassed to ask. So instead, we just hope we’ll get by and not be hit by a crisis.

But getting good with money should not be hard, scary, or boring. Getting good with money should not be something only an elite class of people can do. It should be available to everyone, because money affects everyone’s lives.

And that’s why we’re here.

We started with the question: “Why don’t we learn more about money at school?”
And then we thought, wait a minute. “Why don’t we just create a school where we teach things about money?”

So now, there’s finally a place you can go to learn everything you ever wanted to learn about money. We’re on a mission to inspire and enable the financial upliftment of millions, through world-class educational content and resources.


Hi, I’m Paridhi.

Early in my career, I saw up-close the devastating impacts of failing to build a strong financial foundation. I worked with countless Australians who were affected by cancer, and who were also struggling financially. Talk about a double-whammy, right?

Through that experience, I saw how quickly someone’s financial life could come ‘undone’ and how that impacted everything around it: mental health, family, social life…It was like a little thread that, when pulled, slowly unravels everything.

This left me with a lot of questions. Why did it take a crisis to reveal how financially fragile people were? Why did so few people have a good grasp on what was happening in their financial lives? Where should people go for help, if they don’t know where to start on fixing their finances?

Following these questions led me to thinking…what if we just created a place where people could come and learn? So SkilledSmart was born in 2017, and since then we’ve had the privilege of helping many, many Australians transform their lives through financial education.