School gets you job-ready
We get you life-ready
We provide a practical, expert-led education on critical life-skills topics


SkilledSmart is an education company on a mission to equip people with the core life skills that they need to feel confident and empowered in their everyday lives. The formal education system leaves a lot to be desired, and too many people enter adulthood feeling underprepared and overwhelmed. We aim to fix this by creating a school for ‘alternative’ education: a place to learn all the life-skills critical to living an empowered life. So we’ve gotten together with financial experts to develop a comprehensive and hands-on course to help demystify money.

One of the biggest areas of stress for adults, is money. This makes sense: we use it everyday, most of our life decisions are influenced by it, it plays a significant role in our quality of life…but few of us receive any real education about it. To add to the problem, the financial industry is a complicated maze of technical jargon, and it seems like only a few have access to the knowledge and expertise to understand how to properly work it. We think this is unfair: money matters for everyone, and a high-quality financial education should be accessible by everyone.